Welcome to the new blog

Welcome to my new blog. Same as the old blog? Well I hope not, my old blog became rather static. When I did post it was the occasional rant or just vague references or opinions on various news stories or hot topics. Hardly riveting.
   So I packed up my bag and left my last blog behind with plans to start afresh. I have heard good things about wordpress for years so I thought I’d give it a go. It does seem that there is rather a lot of things I need to pay to get but I assume that it because they also provide one hell of a professional service in terms of blogging.
   As it says in the “About” section, I’ll be blogging about a variety of things here from news items to general topics of debate, observations or even random posts about sports. Hopefully it will all make more sense than my last blog though.
   If you’re on twitter then follow me, @soulstealer2011 and I may follow you back. Until then stay tuned, the next post may come sooner than you think!



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