The Daily “foaming at the mouth.”

I don’t buy the Daily Mail because I would consider it a waste of money and reading it would be a waste of my time. With that said though if I were to read it it would only be to read the various writings and sometimes rantings of the columnists. This couldn’t be more true for Peter Hitchens who I have seen numerous times on “Question Time.” It’s as if The Daily Fail is perfect for him.
  Here is a quote from his column from today’s Mail on Sunday:

“After the uring-soaked and faeces-encrusted revelations from Stafford hospital (no doubt to be followed by more of the same soon), doesn’t Danny Boyle’s simpering marxoid Olympic opening ceremony look even worse than it did at the time?”

In what is a frankly hilariously desperate and pathetic dig, we see Hitchens using a situation the likes of which was no celebrated in the Olympic opening ceremony nor was it meant to be. I may not know the exact meaning and reasoning between that particular section of the opening ceremony but I think it may have actually had something to do with the fact that the United Kingdom has had a universal healthcare system for more than fifty years which has meant that all people young and old, rich and poor are (in theory) able to at least receive some sort of healthcare and don’t in fact have the health of themselves and their family held at ransom by health insurance companies. With all the whinging that occurred at the time of the ceremony itself I was also seeing letters being sent into newspapers by people who were happy to see the salute to the NHS and provided a success story as to why they believed it to be justified.
   Not content with celebrating a healthcare system which although far from flawless provides a decent service to many people, I suppose Peter Hitchens obviously believes that such celebrations exist to spit in the faces of those who have had bad experiences with the NHS. Well it’s a great thing Peter Hitchens is a columnist for the Daily Mail, aka the Daily “foaming at the mouth.”


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