Gender Neutral toilets to open in Brighton


A council in Brighton is planning to replace male and female toilets with “gender neutral” toilets to accommodate people from the transgender community.

“The facilities will avoid using the words ‘men’ and ‘ladies’, instead using symbols that indicate they can be used by people of any sex.

But the plans to change signage on the toilets, which will be used by both adults and children, have attracted criticism and been described as ‘political correctness’.

Brighton and Hove city council chiefs said that they wished to ‘promote the term gender neutral’ in emails discussing the proposed block on Rottingdean seafront, East Sussex.

The £140,000 development, which will include a cafe and four lavatories, is being joint-funded by a Rottingdean Parish Council and the city council.

Conservative councillor Lynda Hyde expressed her dissatisfaction at the development, with construction set to commence this week, describing the plans as ‘unnecessary bureaucracy’.
She told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Local residents, particularly women with children, would much prefer to use separate facilities as apart from anything else, it is safer.”

Apparently the LGBT community in Brighton numbers at around 40,000 and places like this would cater for such people.
My thoughts are that if there are a great deal of LGBT people in Brighton (and it has for quite a while) then I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t try something like this. Because there are a great deal of LGBT people in Brighton I have often assumed that they would be more advanced in terms of social attitudes towards the LGBT community. I cannot comment or speculate with certainty that such a thing would work but I think it would definitely be an interesting litmus test in terms of whether it does indeed make life easier for transgender people and the reaction and opinions of the local community. Lynda Hyde, a Conservative Councillor, believes that separate bathrooms would be safer however I tend to be more skeptical about that. I’ve always been about “live and let live.”
Fascinating none the less.



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