Teach them how to think not what to think

This is a picture I came across and rather like


It gives an important message, that we should teach our future generations how to think and how to address life not what line precisely to follow whether it be according to religion or politics.
One of the problems that exists is that those who are of a certain persuasion in terms of religious and/or political beliefs are inclined to raise their child or children to follow suite. The child or children of a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim is likely to become fundamentalist themselves. As a result of this progression in many social fields is difficult, in fact you could say it’s futile.
For as long as children are raised to a strict religious or political belief, whatever it is, wherever it may be, the same problems will arise over and over again. It is a vicious and destructive chain and it needs to be broken, otherwise progression is simply a pipe dream. Getting on the same page with issues socially, nationally and internationally will never happen and relations between countries and cultures will be more difficult.

This whole process begins at home but also happens at our schools, however there are still a lot of communities in many countries where there is outcry if certain traditions are not kept or if different views and opinions are taught. We also live in a world where many still refuse to teach about evolution because of their religious beliefs.
This is exactly how we need to break the chain. Teaching children at schools that it’s OK to open their minds and to accept any belief, religion, social structure, or political leaning and that what is just as important is the middle ground. The governments of the world should ensure they do not bow down or fold to religious or political pressure in what is and is not taught they should instead focus on what needs to be taught. Sometimes people do not know what is good for them, sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them and they need to be shown, or they simply need help. They will dislike the change immensely, but that is the price that must be paid for prosperity for future generations.
It’s time to break the cycle and to encourage people to open their minds, or at least be more willing to open their minds.


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