Overweight pets take part in slimming contest

A six month competition is underway to determine which of thirteen overweight pets is “the biggest loser” so to speak. The animals are taking part in the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals’ (PDSA) ‘Pet Fit Club’.

“The gargantuan group – that collectively weighs around 30 stone – includes hefty hound Mizzy, the Bullmastiff, and flabby feline, Ulric – the two biggest-ever finalists in the competition which has been running for almost 10 years. Their combined weight is 13 stone 4lbs.

Tom cat Ulric, from Dorset, weighs in at two stone – 111 percent over his ideal weight, and Mizzy, from Derby, tips the scales at 11 stone 4lbs, making her around 60 percent overweight.”

Whilst it is admirable that the owners are finally taking the collective responsibilities to make their pets lose weight, animals should not be that large in the first place. It is cruel to allow your pet to gain that much weight because their weight and their diet, much like their lives, are in the hands of their owner(s). If you cannot afford to give your pet a good and balanced diet then you should not own a pet, it is as simple as that.
The owner of any pet that is overweight should be charged with animal cruelty, because that is what is (failing a legitimate medical reason that explains the weight gain.)
It is bad enough that animal cruelty is still too widespread and that the punishments in some cases are not sufficient, physical abuse is not the only form of cruelty. The overfeeding of a pet should be treated as such.





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