Jane Elliott, a 3rd Grade Teacher and her racism experiment

A third grade teacher in the USA once upon a time conducted an experiment with her class.
At first she asked the children who was treated differently at that time and the she asked them how they were treated differently. She then asks the children if they wish to take part in an experiment to which the children enthusiastically say yes.
The teacher, called Jane Elliott, breaks up the classroom based on eye colour. She claims that because she has blue eyes she deems those children in the class with blue eyes to be better. She allows them more privileges, for example a longer time at break/recess and the ability to return for seconds at meal times. She suggested that brown eyed people are more likely  to be violent.  She purposely and obviously generalises about those with brown eyes, so much so the children obviously notice and noticeably disagree.
Ms. Elliot then switched it around the following day, saying she had lied and that in fact the brown eyed children were superior and that they were in fact allowed the privileges and the blue eyed children were not.
The whole experiment is incredibly clever and well worth watching.

What I hadn’t realised is that Ms. Elliot had also performed a similar experiment here in the UK. I have yet to watch it completely but I will do. Needless to say though I am very much in admiration of this lady and her tactics.




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