The Oppression of the LGBT by the Radical Religious

Often we have heard how the LGBT community have been oppressing and attacking those of a religious nature who are against gay rights. We have heard about how those who are against gay marriage or homosexuality for religious reasons are being oppressed and constantly attacked and vilified by those who are often referred to as “the Gay Mafia.”
   Often much of that has been exaggerated and such statements have been made as a form of defence by those who hold an indefensible position based on religious beliefs. Now, the shoe is on the other foot.
   In Birmingham, an Assistant Head Teacher has resigned after parents complained. They said that they did not want their children to be taught “that is OK to be gay.”
  Andrew Moffat wrote a book called “Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools.” His books, which were obviously designed to help a wider integration and acceptance of gay rights, is clearly a great threat to those who are closed minded and restricted by their outdated religious beliefs.
   The complaints mostly came from Muslim parents, however there were also some from Christian parents. Nevertheless the man obviously felt like he had to step down due to pressure.
  It is a sad state of affairs when, the religious beliefs of what one can only assume is the minority, dictates whether or not a person should remain in their employment within a state educational establishment. Whilst I don’t doubt that the religious beliefs of those people is very important to them, this is a clear case of the religious beliefs of the few dictating major actions in a school. It is a place where religious beliefs should have no monopolising results.
    This is clearly opposite to the many times when those who oppose gay marriage or homosexuality have cried foul over instances where they have have apparently been silenced or critisised on a mass scale over their views. This shows that it is indeed a double edged sword and that the pendulum does indeed swing both ways.
   Those who play the victim on account of their bigotry, carefully shrouded in their religious and “traditional” beliefs are become more and more transparent, as people see them for what they really are. Bigoted, closed minded people with outdated views based on Iron Age scripture. Hopefully that time of bigotry is almost at an end.

   I do not understand why the school did not support Mr Moffat. I don’t understand why it would not fully back him and tell those parents firmly that such things are about inclusion and broad acceptance. Did the school even tell Mr Moffat that he did not need to resign. Did they even try to support him? There is much to be said about the integrity of the school at this stage.


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The Birmingham Mail

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