Wild Bill, the Crusader

William Finlay, otherwise known as “Wild Bill for America” is a YouTube vlogger. He is a Christian Conservative and a member of the Tea Party. That should already tell you a great deal about him.
On his YouTube channel, you will find videos in which he praises the moron Sarah Palin, announces that Richard Nixon wasn’t all that bad and that he was simply a victim of a liberal witch-hunt, denounces abortion and definitely denounces homosexuality and gay marriage. Homosexuality and gay marriage he especially condemns, calling it “sexual perversion” amongst other things.
Being a devout Christian, he believes that the USA must be restored to it’s “God and Country” ways. Presumably that means outlawing abortion, outlawing homosexuality, outlawing contraceptives, and probably internment camps for those who did fit the bill. (Fit the bill, did you see what I did there?)

In his latest gem, Bill speaks about “The Shield of the Crusader.” Being all “God and Country”, Bill is determined to fight for his God, and be a good Christian soldier. Of course, he and people like him are merely imposing their interpretation of the religion.
In the video, Bill proudly boasts about wearing the Shield of the Crusader on his hillbilly sleeveless leather jacket.

Wild Bill

Bill speaks about “The Code of Chivalry”, respect for women and the poor, and how the Crusaders were “honourable men”. He says “the world needs men like that today.” Now I’m not sure how good his history is, and honestly mine isn’t great, but I’m pretty sure that those honourable men who respected women and the poor enjoyed sacking each and every town and city that they conquered. They murdered, raped, and pillaged, taking anything that wasn’t nailed down as their own. At the Massacred of Ayyadieh, three thousand enemy soldiers were executed along with women and children.
Bill claims that wearing the Crusader shield stands for honour, duty, and protecting the weak. Which is frankly laughable.

The full video can be seen below. His channel is worth a watch. Needless to say, it is quite easy to pick holes in each and every one of his videos, for they reek of homophobia, right-wing nationalism, smugness, hostility, and blatant disregard for the advancement of an inclusive, social society and equality.

People like this are ridiculous.


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