The One Hundred Film Challenge

Last night my better half gave me a gift, which was a poster which listed one hundred films. The idea is to scratch them off once you have watched them, and once you do it will reveal a picture which pertains to the relevant film. The gift was more for the both of us, but at the same time she bought it with me in mind. It was and is a fantastic gift.








We put it up on the wall in our living room, and we decided to watch every single film in order, starting with “The Shawshank Redemption” which is of course a phenomenal film.

So I had a thought as we posted it up on the wall. I will document our progress as we progress through the list, and write a review of each film as we watch them. Of course, I am no Roger Ebert. I am not a scholar of film studies, but I intend to do my best to explain each film.

Most of the films on that list are well-known, however there are some on the list that I have not seen, and there are some which my better half has not seen.
For example, I have never seen “The Notebook” or “Mean Girls”, and my other half has never seen “Casablanca” or “Twelve Angry Men.” It will no doubt be an interesting experience, and by the end I will hopefully have at least one hundred posts detailing each and every film on that list.

Here are some more pictures for a closer look:

Until next one, and the first film has been watched, I bid you farewell.


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