Teach them how to think not what to think

This is a picture I came across and rather like


It gives an important message, that we should teach our future generations how to think and how to address life not what line precisely to follow whether it be according to religion or politics.
One of the problems that exists is that those who are of a certain persuasion in terms of religious and/or political beliefs are inclined to raise their child or children to follow suite. The child or children of a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim is likely to become fundamentalist themselves. As a result of this progression in many social fields is difficult, in fact you could say it’s futile.
For as long as children are raised to a strict religious or political belief, whatever it is, wherever it may be, the same problems will arise over and over again. It is a vicious and destructive chain and it needs to be broken, otherwise progression is simply a pipe dream. Getting on the same page with issues socially, nationally and internationally will never happen and relations between countries and cultures will be more difficult.

This whole process begins at home but also happens at our schools, however there are still a lot of communities in many countries where there is outcry if certain traditions are not kept or if different views and opinions are taught. We also live in a world where many still refuse to teach about evolution because of their religious beliefs.
This is exactly how we need to break the chain. Teaching children at schools that it’s OK to open their minds and to accept any belief, religion, social structure, or political leaning and that what is just as important is the middle ground. The governments of the world should ensure they do not bow down or fold to religious or political pressure in what is and is not taught they should instead focus on what needs to be taught. Sometimes people do not know what is good for them, sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them and they need to be shown, or they simply need help. They will dislike the change immensely, but that is the price that must be paid for prosperity for future generations.
It’s time to break the cycle and to encourage people to open their minds, or at least be more willing to open their minds.


Ric Flair On Life Of Wrestling

This is a great interview with the wrestling legend Ric Flair. In the interview Flair shares some memories. Whatever said about Flair he was a great wrestler and you tell just how much the business and being in the business has meant to him.

Northern Ireland debate on the legality of prostitution

This a very interesting debate between Lord Morrow who is proposing a bill that criminalises the act of paying for sex, and Laura Lee who is an independent escort and has been for almost twenty years.
Lord Morrow has submitted the bill in order to fight human trafficking especially trafficking for the sex trade, however he seems to have gotten the wrong end of the stick. As a Liberal and a free minded person who employs the “live and let live” mentality I oppose Lord Morrow’s bill and anything like it.
What do you think?



Forget “12 Angry Men,” this is a case of “12 clueless oafs.”
I’m talking about the jury in the trial if Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of (now former) MP Chris Huhne who has been accused of taking points on her driving license which Huhne received for speeding.
The trial reached the stage where the jury was excused to discuss the points of the case and to come to a decision.
What the judge instead received was a number of question asking how they should assess the evidence.

“The questions included seeking a definition of reaching a verdict “beyond reasonable doubt” – something the judge had given them in writing.

In another question, the jury asked if one of them could come to a verdict based on reasons that were not presented in court or supported by the evidence. A third question asked about Ms Pryce’s religious convictions, even though this was not a matter in the trial.”

Needless to say the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, was more than surprised calling it an “absolutely fundamental deficits in understanding”.

“Mr Justice Sweeney discharged the panel of eight women and four men following more than 15 hours of deliberations, and a day after they submitted 10 questions that indicated they had not grasped the basics of their task.

In more than 30 years of criminal trials, said Sweeney, he had never come across such circumstances.”

The 1957 version of “12 Angry Men” is one of favourite films. Of course it’s fictional and it’s set in the USA however what I see apart from a great story, a great cast, and great acting, is twelve characters who are clear thinking and logical. In the end. So when I look at the jury in this Vicky Pryce trial it dampens the image of twelve impartial people who can be trusted to make the right decision.
Of course the media are saying that such instances like this are rare and on most occasions the jury can be trusted, however I can’t help but wonder if this is a sign of things to come.
It worries me that twelve people who are picked to pass judgment on a stranger, to make a decision that could impact that stranger’s whole life, can be so inept and clueless in such a way it throws the legal system into disarray.
I’m glad that this is not a common occurrence however I cannot help but wonder if the tide will soon turn. As our younger generation gets older it will be more likely they are picked for such duties. Will we need to dumb down the legal process for those sorts of people?




Gender Neutral toilets to open in Brighton


A council in Brighton is planning to replace male and female toilets with “gender neutral” toilets to accommodate people from the transgender community.

“The facilities will avoid using the words ‘men’ and ‘ladies’, instead using symbols that indicate they can be used by people of any sex.

But the plans to change signage on the toilets, which will be used by both adults and children, have attracted criticism and been described as ‘political correctness’.

Brighton and Hove city council chiefs said that they wished to ‘promote the term gender neutral’ in emails discussing the proposed block on Rottingdean seafront, East Sussex.

The £140,000 development, which will include a cafe and four lavatories, is being joint-funded by a Rottingdean Parish Council and the city council.

Conservative councillor Lynda Hyde expressed her dissatisfaction at the development, with construction set to commence this week, describing the plans as ‘unnecessary bureaucracy’.
She told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Local residents, particularly women with children, would much prefer to use separate facilities as apart from anything else, it is safer.”

Apparently the LGBT community in Brighton numbers at around 40,000 and places like this would cater for such people.
My thoughts are that if there are a great deal of LGBT people in Brighton (and it has for quite a while) then I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t try something like this. Because there are a great deal of LGBT people in Brighton I have often assumed that they would be more advanced in terms of social attitudes towards the LGBT community. I cannot comment or speculate with certainty that such a thing would work but I think it would definitely be an interesting litmus test in terms of whether it does indeed make life easier for transgender people and the reaction and opinions of the local community. Lynda Hyde, a Conservative Councillor, believes that separate bathrooms would be safer however I tend to be more skeptical about that. I’ve always been about “live and let live.”
Fascinating none the less.


My Favourite story of 2012

What was your favourite story of 2012? For me there were a lot however there was one in particular that warmed the cockles of my heart.
If a picture paints a thousand words then none more so than this picture.


It is the story of John and his 19 year old dog Schoep.

“This 19-year-old [Schoep is] being cradled in his father’s arms last night in Lake Superior. Schoep falls asleep every night when he is carried into the lake. The buoyancy of the water soothes his arthritic bones. Lake Superior is very warm right now, so the temperature of the water is perfect. I was so happy I got to capture this moment for John [Unger]. By the way, John rescued Schoep as an 8-month-old puppy, and he’s been by his side through many adventures :).”

The picture was posted on Facebook and received two million views and over 200,000 “likes.”

“Unger, who worked as a caretaker on the farm, hadn’t been able to afford to pay to treat Schoep. But after Hudson’s photo became an Internet sensation, donations poured in. Schoep clearly is benefiting from laser treatments he’s receiving at Bay Area Animal Hospital in Ashland and the medications prescribed for him there, Unger said.

Schoep is able to pick up a back leg that used to drag, Unger said. The dog recently climbed the steps to Unger’s cottage on his own for the first time in recent memory, although because of Schoep’s blindness, Unger ordinarily still carries him.”

It’s an incredibly touching story. Even now the dog is still alive due to medical procedures paid for by donations which came in after the picture became viral.
That was one of my favourite stories of 2012 because the picture alone displayed the amazing companionship between the dog and it’s owner. You can tell the trust that the dog puts in it’s owner and how it is completely at ease and relaxed. It’s incredible touching and I think it is a great display of the companionship between humans and animals, specifically between animals and dogs.

The full story can be found at these links: