On the Maria Miller Scandal

On the Maria Miller Scandal

This picture adequately describes the attitude of the politicians when it comes to scandals like the expenses scandal. As soon as the public demand the right course of punishment that they rightly deserve, they become overly defensive and play the victim.


The 77 year wait is over

The 77 year wait is over

It’s been a long wait but finally a male Brit has won Wimbledon after such a long time. The last Brit to win it at all was Virginia Wade who won the Women’s competition in 1977.
The last person male Brit to win Wimbledon was Fred Perry who won the championship three times.
So congratulations to him, it’s good to see a British winner at last.

The tax in Cyprus

The tax in Cyprus

Following news of the proposed tax in Cyprus where bank accounts will be taxed.

“The levy was initially set at 6.75% on accounts under €100,000 and 9.9% on any deposit above that sum but this could be altered to 3% on the smaller deposits and up to 15% on deposits above €500,000. In return, savers will be given shares in the banks and, potentially, returns from the country’s gas reserves. ”

So basically it’s daylight robbery because they are desperate for money to balance the books.